After the Sunset (Yuuhi No Ato) (2020)

  • Drama
  • 2h 13m

Set in the small town of Nagashima, Kagoshima prefecture in southern Japan. Yuichi lives with his wife Satsuki, his mother Mie and a 7-year-old son Towa. Towa came to live with them as a foster child, and now Yuichi and Satsuki want to formally adopt him. When they embark on the adoption procedures with the Family Court, they are shocked to learn the name of Towa’s biological mother: Akane Sato, exactly the same as that of the woman who came to the island a few years ago and has since been working at the diner. The tensions between foster parents and biological mother, the residents on the island and the children growing up there, are depicted in this human drama.
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Shihori Kanjiya, Maho Yamada, Masaru Nagai, Midori Kiuchi, Towa Matsubara


Michio Koshikawa


Ureha Shimada

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