Boy Soldiers: The Secret War in Okinawa (2018)

  • Documentary, War, History
  • 1h 54m

Okinawa, the chain of islands at the southernmost tip of Japan, became the bulwark to protect the Japanese mainland toward the end of World War II. After the Americans landed and a violent battle ensued, over 200,000 lives were lost, including many civilians.

While the bloody war depicted in films such as “Hacksaw Ridge” ensued on the surface, there was another secret war developing in its shadow that not even Japanese people are aware of. For over 70 years after the war, survivors have been afraid to share the tragic details.

Guerrilla units composed of boy soldiers, malaria epidemics, allied troops and civilians killing other civilians…and a conspiracy plotted by young elite generals who had just graduated from the Japanese army’s enigmatic “Nakano school.”

This documentary uncovers Japan’s greatest taboos concerning the Battle of Okinawa, and also sounds alarms concerning modern Japan’s recent steps toward remilitarization. enter image description here


Chie Mikami


Hanayo Oya


Yoshiko Hashimoto


Shigeki Kinoshita


Mamoru Hirata


Keita Suzuo


Yuji Katsui



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