Lady Time (2020)

  • Documentary, Biography, Peripheral Visions
  • 60min

Followed by Q + A with director Elina Talvensaari and Milja Mikkola (Midnight Sun Film Festival, Helsinki).

What creates meaning in life and what happens to that meaning after a person’s death?

Lady Time is a documentary film about Sirkka-Liisa Miettinen, a woman who died alone at the age of 98. Director Elina Talvensaari happened to buy her apartment and everything the woman owned from books to photographs passed on to her. There was nobody, no relatives or friends, who would come pick them up. Elina was too terrified to throw her possessions away. It would mean eradicating the last signs of Sirkka-Liisa’s life. Elina decided to remember the woman.

With the help of letters and photographs Elina starts to explore who this mystery woman was. Gradually the events of Sirkka-Liisa’s long life unfold. Combining information about her life and what her possessions tell, Elina starts to understand what was significant to Sirkka-Liisa. Sirkka-Liisa becomes a treasured friend. And in the end they switch parts: it is Sirkka-Liisa who tells what is important in Elina’s own life.

Lady Time combines biographical material and poetic storytelling. The film is a tribute to Sirkka-Liisa’s life, and a reflection on the passing of time. Time gives things meaning, but in the end takes us all into oblivion.


Elina Talvensaari


Elina Talvensaari


Emilia Haukka


Jussi Rantamaki


Joonas Pulkkanen


Emilia Haukka, Jussi Rantamaki


Lady Time Q&A

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