No Hard Feelings (Futur Drei) (2020)

  • Peripheral Visions, Drama, LGBT
  • 1h 32m

Followed by Q + A with director Faraz Shariat, actor Banafshe Hourmazdi and Kathrin Kohlstedde (Hamburg Film Festival).

Parvis, the son of exiled Iranians, copes with life in his small hometown by indulging himself with pop culture, Grindr dates, and raves. After being caught shoplifting, he is sentenced to community service at a refugee shelter where he meets siblings Banafshe and Amon, who have fled Iran. As a romantic attraction between Parvis and Amon grows, the fragile relationship between the three is put to a test. They find and lose each other throughout a summer of fleeting youth, an intense first love, an attempt at a joint future, as well as the stark realisation that, in Germany, they are not equal.


Benny Radjaipourq, Banafshe Hourmazdi, Eidin Jalali


Faraz Shariat


Faraz Shariat, Paulina Lorenz


Faraz Shariat, Paulina Lorenz, Jost Hering


German, Persian, Arabic

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