Nocturnal TBC (2020)

  • Drama
  • 1h 26m

Followed by a Q+A with director Nathalie Biancheri and actor Cosmo Jarvis.

Pete works as an occasional handyman at the local high school. There he meets Laurie, a student-athlete who recently relocated to town with her mother. The two strangers form a friendship built on their mutual connection as outsiders. As they spend more time together, their unique bond grows, unraveling the truth behind Pete’s motives.

Please note this film’s availability is from 9PM July 8th until 9PM July 9th.


Cosmo Jarvis, Lauren Coe, Sadie Frost


Nathalie Biancheri


Colin Michael Day, Coco Marie Schneider


Olivia Waring, Nathalie Biancheri


Michal Dymek

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