Poissonsexe (2020)

  • Comedy, Romance, Peripheral Visions
  • 1h 29m

Followed by Q + A with director Olivier Babinet and Natacha Seweryn (International Film Festival of Bordeaux.)

French Atlantic coast. Near Future. Spring. The sea has become infested with jellyfish since fish can no longer reproduce.

Daniel Luxey, a biologist charged with unravelling this mystery, is obsessed with becoming a father, Statistically he has only 1 chance in 6,233.33 of meeting a woman likely to share his dream.

Lucie, a young woman with a sharp sense of humour, relieves her constant melancholy with a passion for the subtle language of piranhas.

When Daniel fixes a date with Lucie through a dating app, he comes across a strange fish caught in a net – a fish named Nietzsche – and circumstances finally become favorable for him to find what he has been truly lacking: love.


Gustave Kervern, India Hair, Ellen Dorrit Petersen


Olivier Babinet


Masa Sawada


Tarantula Belgium



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