Sympathy for the Devil (2020)

  • Drama, War, Peripheral Visions
  • 1h 42m

Followed by a Q+A with director Guillaume de Fontenay and Guilhem Caillard (Festival de Films Cinemania, Québec).

1992, war is raging in what will become Ex-Yugoslavia. Paul is covering the siege of Sarajevo. Flamboyant dandy, loud mouth, adrenaline junkie, provocative cigar-smoker, Paul Marchand is the war correspondent archetype. Racing through Sniper’s Alley in his white Ford, the Frenchman relentlessly tells the apathic western world about the ongoing massacre. In an urban war zone where everything that moves is a target, Paul tries to live, love and inform. How much can he endure before he starts taking up arms?


Niels Schneider, Vincent Rottiers, Ella Rumpf


Guillaume De Fontenay


Guillaume Vigneault, Jean Barbe, Guillaume De Fontenay


Pierre Aim


French, English

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