The Castle (Pilis) (2020)

  • Drama
  • 1h 30m

Followed by Q + A with director Lina Luzyte and cast Barbora Bareikyte & Gabija Jaraminaite.

This coming-of-age film follows Monika, a thirteen year old Lithuanian girl living in Dublin. A passionate teenage singer, Monika lives with her mother Jolanta, a professional pianist who had to take a job in a local fish factory, and her heavily demented Granny who requires 247 care.

Monika keeps pushing Jolanta to continue music with her, convinced they will make it big one day. When they get an invitation to play in ‘The Castle’, the relationship becomes strained between optimist Monika and the pragmatic realist Jolanta, who sells their keyboard.


Barbora Bareikyte, Gabija Jaraminaite, Jurate Onaityte, Martyna Peszko, Andrei Ciopec


Lina Luzyte


David Collins


Kestas Drazdauskas


Lina Luzyte


Michael Lavelle


Lithuanian, English

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