Tomorrow is Saturday (2020)

  • Documentary, Biography
  • 1h 8m

Join us 3pm on Wednesday July 8th for this screening **Followed by Q + A **

With a 50-year career north and south of the border, Newry-born artist Seán Hillen wears many hats; collagist, photomontage artist, inventor, polymath, conspiracy theorist, documentary photographer and sculptor. He has exhibited widely in museums and art galleries. But despite all this, Seán Hillen is the most heavily censored artist to come out of Britain or Ireland.

Tomorrow is Saturday is a revealing documentary exploring the historical and cultural legacy of Seán’s work as he deals with the practicalities of living with Asperger’s - two things that are inextricably linked.

The viewer is invited into the private life of a very brilliant man living alone in a tiny cluttered house on a Dublin back street – its walls covered with thousands of receipts, letters, postcards and notes. Boxes filled with leaflets, magazines and prints are stacked floor to ceiling . With Asperger’s, collecting and hoarding is a compulsion - nothing gets thrown away.


Seán Hillen


Gillian Marsh

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